Saturday, June 18, 2005

Kigali Day 1

Kigali, Rwanda – 10 p.m. local time Friday 6/17 – The travel to get here was a full day long, but a night's rest in Nairobi gave us the strength to start in on our projects. After a short flight over Lake Victoria, we arrived in the Kigali office around noon today and started right to work. The training team spent a good deal of the afternoon talking with several key staff members about their work, and came away with a solid training plan for our time here. When we left the office, we had a tremendous feeling that we will be able to help their work in a big way – what a high!

The server and network teams also made great progress, taking advantage of the staff's lunch hour to work on the network and quickly expand the staff's potential network connections from 25 to 50.

Their triumph was followed by a slight glitch in the WC. Those who have visited Europe will recognize this term as shorthand for water closet (or bathroom), and those who have set up networks will think of it as a wiring closet. In this case, both groups would be correct! In a staff restroom, which serves double-duty as both types of WC, a shelf came loose from the wall and spilled several pieces of network equipment. Fortunately, a small plastic wastebasket was underneath the shelf and sacrificed itself to break the equipment's fall. No permanent damage was done… although the wastebasket may never recover…

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