Monday, June 20, 2005

Kigali weekend in review

Kigali, Rwanda – Monday 6/20 – what a weekend we had!

Saturday, we worked on projects at the World Relief office for most of the morning, then attended lunch and joined a WR orientation with a group from a Buffalo-area church that's considering a partnership. It was an interesting dynamic, having the two groups together – our team, from a church already partnering with WR, and this group, considering such a relationship.

In the late afternoon, our team and the group from Buffalo both went to the Kigali Genocide Memorial. The experience was indescribable.

Sunday, we worshipped at a Rwandese church. We were aided by five translators, each of whom sat between two team members and translated the service, from the singing and announcements right through the message. The service was an experience I'll not soon forget. But what amazed me more than the service itself was the sacrifice of the translators, who gave up their worship so that we could understand and participate in the service. Over and over, I've been impressed by the gracious spirit of these people. Although the atrocities of 1994 are still fresh in their memories, we've sensed no hostility or bitterness toward us or toward each other – only welcome and grace. It's overwhelming.

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