Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Training Day 2

After yesterday afternoon's struggles, we had no idea what to expect for today. The training team had collected a list of desired topics from the staff, and the times they were available. We'd planned to use the list to put together a training plan for the remainder of the week -- but the staff understood it as a commitment.

We arrived this morning to find about fifteen staff members assembled and ready for the PowerPoint workshop they requested yesterday. So, we worked team-style, alternating teaching and circulating. This class again lacked a translator, but many of the staff have enough English that they could understand and help the others.

We assembled the class again after lunch to allow them to give their presentations to the class, which worked out amazingly well. Without specific direction from us as to a topic, each person put together a PowerPoint, complete with clip-art and slide transitions, describing some aspect of their job or life. One by one, they got up in front of the class and presented to us and to each other. We saw some really professional presentations, and felt as if we'd made a small difference in helping the staff's effectiveness.

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