Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Summer reading list, part 2

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Top to bottom:
The God Cookie
The Book of Dead Philosophers
Evidence-Based Practice of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
The Best of All Possible Worlds: a Story of Philosophers, God, and Evil
American Therapy


  1. The title of the first one intrigues me. What is it about?

  2. Yeah, it intrigued me too!

    It's about a guy who opens a fortune cookie and finds what he believes to be instructions from God. I hope to publish a review of it, since it's a new book and I haven't seen any reviews yet.

    I liked the author's writing so much that I checked out his first book, Leaper (second in the stack).

  3. That sounds delightful!

    Yesterday I polished off two books on what is now my "life reading list" (summer is too short!) The Diary of Anne Frank (I know-- can you believe I hadn't read it yet) and another that was just for fun: Never Suck a Dead Man's Hand: Curious Adventures of a Real Life CSI.

    I'm going a-librarying tonight and hopefully I'll be digging into The Book Thief, or English & How It Got That Way (thanks for the recommendation!) or The Screwtape Letters... or maybe all three at once. :)

  4. I'm pretty sure I haven't read The Diary of Anne Frank yet... although I've seen the play.

    And, well, that second one is just bizarre.

    Enjoy Bill Bryson... I think he's great!

  5. I'm on English & How It Got That Way chapter three now and I have already been laughing out loud. This guy finds very entertaining ways to educate, that's for sure!

    I'm hoping it will help me to be a better editor, too. :)

    Oh, and I saw Anne Frank when it came to CU last year. Did you see it there, too?

  6. This is a fascinating list! :)


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