Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blogger: resurrection

After nearly four years of inactivity, I've decided to resurrect this blog.

Back in 2005, I began blogging to chronicle a ministry trip to Rwanda that I took with a group from Mars Hill Bible Church. (You can dig through the archives and read a bit about that trip. And you can see that doing ministry got in the way of blogging about doing ministry... so I decided to drop the blogging part.)

Since then, many things have happened in my life. For one, I completed a master's degree at GRTS and became a licensed counselor in 2008. Although the Rwanda trip remains a pivotal experience for me, there are several other topics I'd like to write about here – observations about life and faith and how they interact.

I'll probably touch on some areas from my own background – e.g., growing up atheist, battling a serious depression, parenting a prodigal. Because the Lord led me through these times, I think I have a greater measure of empathy for those in the midst of them.

I'll probably write about current counseling experiences (within the bounds of confidentiality, of course).

And I'll attempt to respond to comments and questions from readers... assuming there are any!

Thanks for joining me.

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