Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Speedy

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  1. Who is this? Does he live near the fish?

  2. John found him (her?) hiding in the plants at the base of the mailbox and managed to capture one good shot with head and legs showing.
    He wandered off after that. (The turtle, not John.)

  3. Ha ha ha ha... I can just see John wandering off with a camera around his neck.

    By the way, apparently there's a way to tell the difference between male and female turtles. It's in the eyes. The VandeGutche kids taught me this.

  4. Oh, the eyes, is it? Yeah, that sounds like something Todd would have told them...

  5. No, seriously! Look it up. For box turtles anyway, males have red eyes and females have orange or yellowish eyes.


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