Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy (new)birth-day to me

If a time-traveler had visited me in 1980 and told me how I'd be spending this day, I would have laughed until milk (or possibly something more intoxicating) came out my nose.

Twenty-nine years ago today, I put my faith in Christ.

Today, I'm doing two things I couldn't have predicted prior to that day: in the morning, I'll be at the pro-life organization where I volunteer; in the afternoon, I'll be helping serve an appreciation lunch to the staff of my church and their spouses.

I didn't plan to spend my "faith anniversary" this way — it just happened.

But I can't think of a better way to celebrate.


  1. John Elmore10:45 AM

    What better way to put the focus on the One who gave life to you than to serve in His Name and for His glory? The Lord bless you today.

  2. Anonymous5:15 PM

    What an awesome blog, Pam! Happy (faith) birthday!!! :)

    Love, Wendy Dodge

  3. He sings redemption in the commonplace of your life, Mom. I love you.

  4. Happy belated re-birthday, Pam!! I cannot think of a better way to have celebrated it...

  5. Thanks, dear ones!

    I think back to the days BC (before Christ) and the direction I was headed, and I'm absolutely amazed that God rescued me, and then completely reoriented my heart. He didn't leave me in the pit I had dug for myself, and He continues to deal patiently with my stubborn independence.

    His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness.

  6. What a good God we serve! From His most dramatic of rescues to His most gradual, He weaves beautiful stories and lets us re-tell them to others in attempts to capture His beauty. I'm so thankful for your story, Pam.

    Bless you, dear woman!


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