Thursday, December 31, 2009

Teetering on the brink of a new year

Every year, the week after Christmas is filled with advertisements for products and services that promise to help you get in shape, get organized, get out of debt, and quit smoking.

(Which means every year I get to feel a little smug that there's one group of products I can ignore.)

But this post isn't the typical list of New Year's resolutions.

In 2009, things happened in my life that threw me for a loop. 2009 held up a mirror and showed me I have some stuff to tackle.

The biggest thing 2009 showed me is that some things are completely outside my circle of control, or even influence.

So I've decided 2010 is the year I begin picking my battles more carefully.

Because those things that are outside that circle of influence?

They're not my battles to fight.

Basically, I'm praying the Serenity Prayer. All year long.


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