Friday, March 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes: Volume 9

(The idea of 7 Quick Takes Friday comes from blogger Jennifer Fulwiler, who hosts it weekly at her site, Conversion Diary.)

This week has been filled with occasions to celebrate!


First, on Sunday, there was Pi Day.
Evidently this is a big thing among the geeky.

Yes, I count myself a part of that group, but I think I may need to turn in my membership card. Although I've memorized my 14-digit library card number, I have memorized pi only to the fifth decimal place. (Oh, the shame...)

As a former math tutor, I'm surprised I didn't know about this day until now. Back in my tutoring days, whenever I was helping a geometry student learn the formula for the area of a circle (πr²), I would tell them my pi joke:

Pie are not square.
Pie are round.
Cornbread are square!

(It helps to read it with a hick accent. It doesn't make it any funnier, but it sounds a little more believable.)


Monday was the Ides of March. Probably not a day that Julius Caesar celebrated, but a good day to read or recite Mark Antony's Friends, Romans, countrymen speech. Shakespeare had a great gift for irony (for Brutus is an honorable man!).


Tuesday was my birthday. I'm not telling you that to get presents. (OK, maybe I am.)

It was also the birthday of Erik Estrada, Jerry Lewis, Pat Nixon, and James Madison. And my mom. (I was her 30th birthday present!)

This isn't a big landmark year for me or anything, so there were no flamingos (or buzzards) in the lawn. But I'm not sure how much longer I can keep telling people I'm 31. Sooner or later, my 24-year-old son is going to spill the beans.

As it does every year, my birthday fell smack dab in between the Ides and...


St. Patrick's Day, Wednesday. Since I just did a post on St. Patrick, I won't talk about my wearing green by mistake that day and not realizing it until I went for a haircut in the afternoon and my stylist commented on it.

But I will tell you that we celebrated by mailing in our census form. (You may now be jealous of my exciting life.) It made me think of the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?:

"My daddy taught me how to shoot!... I nicked the census man!"
"There's a good boy... is yer daddy about?"

(Now that you've got Delmar's accent in your head, you might want to go back up to take #1 and re-read the pi joke.)


Interestingly enough, the mallard pair that visits us every year chose Wednesday to return for their annual early spring vacation in our little fishpond. Of course, because we're a small family, we had several blank lines on our census form, so I suggested we add the ducks. (Yes, they have names. Because they come back every year, that's why.)

My husband's response: "They don't live in the house."


And speaking of celebrations, how about a wedding? On Thursday, a friend posted this awesome video on Facebook:

Fellow Princess Bride fans, did you catch the quote?


Today and Saturday, I'm attending class. It's the last weekend of my second course toward my addictions counselor certification (see take #7 here). This is the class with the eight-pound book. And let me just say, there will be much celebrating when it's done.

It probably won't involve any addictive substances.

But maybe there will be π.



  1. It's funny you mentioned the Ides of March and Julius Caesar, because (and I forgot to mention this)... the movie "Orson Welles and Me" was all about Orson's theater production group putting together the play "Julius Caesar" by Shakespeare. Orson Welles played Brutus. So I actually heard the "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" speech this week!

  2. Then you're right on top of things!


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