Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green beer served here*

I'm not the least bit Irish that I know of.

I usually avoid wearing green on this day. (Long story.)

I think I've had green beer only once.

But isn't it cool how they dye the Chicago River green? Check out this stop-motion video of the process!

But really, St. Patrick's Day isn't about wearing green or parades or rivers or leprechauns or even green beer.

It's about a British teenager who was captured and sold into slavery in Ireland, and then... well, here's a rundown of the story from Relevant Magazine.

* And by "served," I mean if you bring the beer, I will drop some green food dye into it.



  1. Thanks Pam!! (P.S. I was at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Chicago last year. That video totally captured the madness.)

  2. I can imagine!

    I saw part of a St. Patrick's Day parade in Boulder one year. (The year of the green beer.) And, well... noplace does crazy like Boulder.


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