Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Because really, what's cooler than being mistaken for a misunderstood figure from church history?

Every year, a nearby community celebrates Tulip Time. This year, it begins Saturday.

Even though we live less than 30 minutes away, we avoid that town during Tulip Time as much as possible. (Edited to add: It's not the event that I can't handle, it's the crowds. Blame seven years battling LA traffic.)

But maybe some year I'll go to the festival dressed up as John Calvin, and wear a sandwich board with the doctrines of grace painted on it, and when people look at me funny I'll be like, "What?! It's TULIP Time, right?"

OK, that idea may be even weirder than dressing up as Martin Luther for Hallowe'en.

Although it might be a great opportunity to explain that Calvin himself didn't come up with that system, and that the so-called "five points of Calvinism" were actually written by others 55 years after Calvin's death.

But explaining the difference between Calvin's concept of sovereign grace and the five points attributed to him could be a little tricky, since it's been misunderstood for centuries despite the efforts of people far smarter than I.

So maybe I'll just stay home and celebrate Tulip Time with one of these:

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  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    hmmm, not sure where you thought you were going with one, seems like, as the 'kids' say: "epic fail". I grew up in Holland, and don't get the unuttered slur towards the festival??? Why AVOID it?? If you have never been to it, you cannot give it a condescending tone like that. It is just a pleasant community with a unique history. Give it a try before correlating your strange twist on .....something really irrelevent to the festival. OK? Good.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Anonymous.

    Certainly I intended no offense toward Holland, its residents either current or past, or Tulip Time. Perhaps I should have given the reason we try to avoid it (crowds).

    Also, we have attended the festival in the past -- does that let me off the hook a little?

    Also, if you read much of my blog, you'll see I sometimes make connections that others might find irrelevant. I figure that's OK, since it's my blog.

    Grace and Peace,


  3. Anonymous11:11 PM

    ah, but was there really a connection?? the doctrines of Grace painted on a sandwich board? If you're looking for artistic license why don't you wear that fetching little number to the GR artprize instead? at least that would have Some sort of relevency, being an artistic interpretation of some thing or a nother---and you could even win $250 grand when they vote for you! just a and hope

  4. Actually, yes there is a connection -- the doctrines of grace are also known as TULIP.


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