Friday, October 15, 2010

7 Quick Takes: Volume 14

The idea of 7 Quick Takes Friday comes from blogger Jennifer Fulwiler, who hosts it weekly at her site, Conversion Diary.

Recent quotes from a few favorite bloggers:


Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like, has perfected the art of snark-free satire.

Jon predicts that church services this Sunday will be rife with Chilean miner sermon illustrations:

"But predicting that pastors will dig the Chilean miner rescue story is too easy. Anyone can predict that. I’ll actually tell you the four types of Chilean miner sermon you can expect..."

You'll need to read the whole post to see the four types.

(Also: "dig" and "miner rescue story"... wow. Puntastic.)


Sophie of BooMama ramps up into a discussion of recent mini home makeover projects:

"I am not, as a general rule, a how-to type of blogger. That is because I don’t really know how to do much of anything. Oh, I could tell you how to scream like some sort of hillbilly gameshow contestant while you’re watching a televised football game, or I could tell you how to streamline your ordering process at the Popeye’s drive-thru, but by and large these skills aren’t what you would call in demand. Plus, I’m wordy — and it’s probably not a very efficent how-to post if it also includes an anecdote or nine about the time that clown scared me when I was four."


Laurie Perry of Crazy Aunt Purl rants about crazy catalog pricing:

"Yes. $280 for a wool hat. If you want me to pay $280 for a knit hat, it better be created from silky strands of angel hair gathered after a heavenly harp convention. And it would have to function as a cloak of invisibility when needed. And make my ass smaller. And come with a free massage."


And speaking of catalogs... and because sometimes, snarky is my love language:

Catalog Living is fun for anyone who has ever looked at a catalog and wondered "who in the world lives here?!"

The blog's tagline is "A look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs." (Some of the advertisers on this site are catalog retailers. They must have quite a sense of humor.)

This post was hilarious to me... how many of you remember the TV series they're referring to?


Still speaking of catalogs, but on a more serious note...

Elizabeth of Things Bright ponders the handmade quilts offered in the catalog of a major retailer (hint: rhymes with "lottery yarn"), and asks an important question, which leads to several other important questions, such as:

"If you're going so in-depth about continuing an American tradition, why are they imported? If quiltmaking 'is a democratic art... that continues to this present day,' why are your quiltmakers hidden in Unnamed Import Land? If you really need to import them, why can't the new makers who are sewing these quilts for us be honored?"


On an even more serious note...

Writing on CNN's Belief Blog, Christian psychology professor Warren Throckmorton proposes a Christian response to anti-gay bullying:

"My view is that evangelicals need to put ideological worries aside and become part of the solution. Addressing anti-gay bias doesn't require anyone to change religious beliefs about sexuality."

I wrote on this topic a few days ago, but Dr. Throckmorton calls us to specific action. (Another of his posts on this topic is here.)


Too heavy? OK, back to light and fluffy. And what's lighter and fluffier than pancakes?

Jim of Jim's Pancakes answers that question with a unicorn pancake!

Happy Friday, friends!


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