Saturday, October 30, 2010

A poem to my readers

Recently I was chatting with my friend Rachel about blogging and said something about "my 2.5 readers." She chided me, insisting that I had more readers than 2.5.

So I modified my estimate to 3.

And then, I dug around in the bloggy backroom and found the box where the statistics are kept. (It was behind a bunch of rakes, hidden under an old tarp and a McGovern '72 lawn sign.)

Turns out Rachel was right. There are more than 2.5 people reading this blog (or maybe it's the same 2.5 people reading it over and over).

Anyway, I wanted to thank those who read the inconsistent weirdness that is this blog. I'd bake you cookies, but that whole sending-food-through-the-Internet thing hasn't been perfected yet.

Maybe I could send you cookies if I pixellated them first...

So I wrote you a poem. I hope you like it.

To the Reader of This Blog (or, Why Dr. Seuss Made Up Words)

Dear reader of this blog, I hope you found the thing you sought,
Or something altogether more amazey,
For even if it offers content different than you thought,
My goal is to uplift, not make you crazy.

Statistically, you found me through a search for things related
To wedding cakes with bridges, stairs, and fountains,
But Google sent you to The Wedding Scrooge, who then berated
Those excesses that pile up bills like mountains.

To say that rant’s the opposite of that which you were seeking
Is understatement of the highest measure.
That irony’s not lost on me, but stay, and keep on peeking –
It’s possible you’ll find more lasting treasure.

Because, dear reader, while I hope you find that Googled thing
That brought you to my little bloggy dwelling,
I wish you peace with One who offers more than any ring,
Whose love for you outshines my best retelling.



  1. That cookie is seriously cool. :) (which one of us is your half reader :-p ?)

  2. Maybe the one who I haven't met in real life and don't yet know by her real name? :)

  3. Nice poem! :) And way to link to previous posts in the body of the poem. That part especially is awesome.

  4. Thanks, Rachel! (Is the internal linkage awesome... or a cheap trick to drive up pageviews? Hmmmm...)


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