Saturday, November 13, 2010

All this, and continental breakfast too

This weekend I'm at a conference. A professional conference. Of my chosen-and-long-trained-for profession.

I may be just a little bit keyed up.

The counseling field is diverse, both in terms of the clients we serve and the settings we work in (schools, inpatient facilities, private practice... you get the idea), so counseling conferences need to offer sessions that focus on a variety of areas.

"Oh, and I'm also the person in the chair listening to this list..."
In addition to techniques meant to help with specific struggles, there are business and career development issues, legal and ethical issues, and discussions of problems that are currently making the news. (See cartoon for further illustration. (And though the field is diverse, I don't know anyone who has clients lie on a couch... plus, "multiple personalities" is an outdated term. Still, funny.))

For someone who's still new-ish to the profession, it's tough to choose.

Some of the sessions I'm leaning toward:
  • Understanding and Addressing Adolescent Grief Issues
  • The Scars You Don’t See – Teen Cutting
  • Answering the Cry for Help: Suicide Prevention Education for Schools and Communities
  • Video Presentation and Discussion on the film For the Bible Tells Me So: A Film on the Clash between Religion and Homosexuality: Implications for Counselors
  • Reducing the Psychological Shackles of Racism: Implications for Empowering African Americans Clients
  • Communication Stalemates Between Religious Right and Gay Advocates on Sexual Orientation: Why They Occur and How to Increase Goodwill
  • Treating Trauma and PTSD Using a Narrative Therapeutic Approach
  • From Student to Professional – What’s Your Plan?

But I'm really just there for the bagels.



  1. SISSY!
    Great thing about bagels, you can eat them almost anywhere...that cream cheese isn't going anywhere. All of those topics sound interesting but likely the transition from student to professional will be especially useful.

  2. Hey!! :)

    Well, by the time I got there the bagels were gone, but today's presentations were good. And you're probably right.

  3. Your conference has bagels? I'm jealous.

  4. Alas, this morning there was only a half a bagel left... the Ghost of Bagels Past, evidently. But the coffee was good.


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