Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Whole church

Of the articles and posts I've seen about the recent Lausanne Congress over the last few weeks, this video from Synergy* spoke most clearly to me:

I love the way this was done. I especially appreciate this quote:

The whole world means taking the Gospel to the very edges of society, where helplessness and hopelessness are rampant... to the poor... the oppressed... the trafficked... the widow... the orphan... the aliens. No one is beyond the reach of the Gospel's good news.
Carolyn Custis James, Synergy President, writes about Lausanne 2010 and the need for unity in diversity in her article Rumblings About Women at Lausanne. She concludes with this:

I’m as weary of the women-in-church debate as anyone. And it is not simply an academic one. It has real implications for real lives globally. I will not forget the hopelessness I saw in the faces of women and girls in South African townships. Does our gospel message for women resoundingly contradict other value statements coming to women and girls globally? Do our interactions as Christians send the world a radically different message of how men and women who follow Jesus value and love one another?

The U.S. delegation reassembles in Dallas this April to continue the conversations begun in Cape Town. As we move forward, I hope we will unite despite our differences to focus on making the body of Christ healthy and strong. I also hope the names heard most among us will belong to countless women and girls who have been swept away by a tsunami of abuse and who need to experience the rescuing Good News of the whole gospel.


* Synergy's promo/summary of the video:

"The Whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World!"
Synergy produced this video (based on the Lausanne theme) as part of a project to provide resources to encourage and fuel the ministry efforts of women worldwide. 4000 copies were distributed at Lausanne 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa. The video was translated into eight languages and shown in the Lausanne General Session and on Global Links internationally.

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