Friday, December 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes: Volume 21

The idea of 7 Quick Takes Friday comes from blogger Jennifer Fulwiler, who hosts it weekly at her site, Conversion Diary.


Yesterday, I wrote about World Vision's holiday gift catalog. Compassion International has a similar catalog of gifts to benefit people in developing countries, which I learned about from Big Mama's holiday gift guide post. (She's got a bunch of great gift ideas, including clothbound classic kids' books... whose siren song I'm successfully ignoring... so far).

Also: she's hilarious. She can even make light of household mishaps involving the microwave — and she includes pictures. (Wait... something about this is sounding very familiar...)


If we could understand cat-speak:


And if we could understand the language of cats, what would this one be saying?


Continuing on the animal theme, here's a tiny chameleon in Madagascar. (Doesn't this make you wonder how they ever found it? I mean, sometimes I can't even find my keys, and they're not tiny or camouflaged...)


It may be because I'm preparing for the GRE, or it may be because I'm just that much of a geek already, but I got a big kick out of the nerds' elevator.


Jason Boyett debunks a few Christmas myths.


And how about a trip back to third grade, digital-style? Make your own snowflake.

Here's mine:

Happy Friday, friends!


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