Thursday, December 09, 2010

Gift ideas for the person who has everything

Everything was just ducky... until Goatzilla arrived.
photo: World Vision
Looking for the perfect gift?

How about a goat? Or even better, four ducks and a goat?

We sponsor a little girl in Rwanda through World Vision. This year, the organization sent out a gift catalog that's different from any other catalog I've ever seen.

You can purchase various animals (or education, or clean water, or medical assistance, or vocational training...) for families in developing countries, and World Vision will send your loved one a gift card telling them what your gift provided.

What struck me about the catalog was the imaginative animal combinations. Something tickled me about the idea of ordering a goat and two chickens or five ducks and two chickens — as if I were ordering a combination plate from a Mexican restaurant — and as I read the items (out loud), I kept coming back to four ducks and a goat and making my husband laugh at the repetition. (It may have been courtesy laughter — or possibly "I can't believe I married such a weirdo" laughter — but I'm not picky. I take the laughs where I find them.)

And then I got to the page with a share of a sheep, and the alliteration got to me: "How about a share of a sheep? A sheep share? And a share of the shearing when it's time for the sheep to be shorn?" (My husband is a very patient man.)

But when I reached this page, all my joking around stopped.

I'm pretty good at whistling past the graveyard (obviously), but not even I could whistle that ghost down.

And I apologize, dear reader, for ending a seemingly light-hearted post with a giant thud. I'm not sure how to fix it.

Eggnog, anyone?


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