Saturday, December 04, 2010

Give twice

This year, I'm really liking the idea of Christmas shopping with a purpose.

Elizabeth of Things Bright is running a series titled Merry and Bright. Each post highlights beautiful gift items from organizations working to end human trafficking.

Kaveri River capri, from
So far, she's featured jewelry, coin purses, holiday cards, and these great pajama-style pants from India called Punjammies.

If you're shopping for a gift for a loved one, check out these groups and their wares.

It's a great way to give two gifts for the price of one.



  1. It's interesting you have been writing lately about human trafficking. My office works a lot with girls under 18 who have been trafficked, both labor and sex, and we just attended the state conference on ending modern-day slavery on Friday. Interesting and informative.

    Also - we are always looking for therapists skilled in working with trauma victims, esp. trafficking kids. Just so you know :)

  2. Thanks, Janelle -- I'd love to hear more about that conference!


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