Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Reading and writing

My old journalism professor once told our class the secret to being a good writer: read voraciously and write prolifically.

Write prolifically:
What with posting every day last month, my writing has been much more prolific than before.

Though I have gone through seasons where I wrote far more content in a month than thirty blog posts, that was academic writing, which isn't quite the same thing as blogging.

One major difference between academic writing and blogging is that nobody wants to read other people's academic writing.

(At least, I hope that's a difference.)

Read voraciously:
I've always been a voracious reader (though I frequently wish I were able to read faster, especially when reading things like this). But my interests are all over the place, so unless I'm working on a class project, my reading habits tend to be somewhat... random.

So this month, I'll be tackling three books on my reading list, and posting a quick review of each one. (Did I actually just commit to reading and reviewing three books... in December? Am I crazy??)

Reading and writing, in a single package — I think my old journalism professor would be pleased.



  1. Ooooh -which books?

  2. hehehe, I love the distinction between blogging and academic writing :-D. I couldn't pay people to read my thesis... not even the prof. grading it! sheesh

  3. R: 1) A nonfiction CS Lewis; 2) something from my "now reading" thing on the sidebar (I'm not saying which one... but it won't be the GRE prep manual); 3) uh... no idea yet.


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