Friday, January 07, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Volume 24

The idea of 7 Quick Takes Friday comes from blogger Jennifer Fulwiler, who hosts it weekly at her site, Conversion Diary.


This was a big week.

On Tuesday, I took the GRE. Since it's a test where you need a good command of a major amount of general knowledge, while studying for it I had moments where this song kept running through my head:

"I'm very well-acquainted too with matters mathematical,
I understand equations both the simple and quadratical,
About binomial theorem I'm teeming with a lot o' news...
With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse!"


Speaking of math and music, Wednesday was the twelfth day of Christmas. You may remember Vi Hart from my post on the beauty of math last week — she did a version of that song that's a whole lot less repetitive (and a whole lot more mathy!) — take a look:

I think Vi is just amazing. Some of the math concepts she talks about are way over my head, but she makes them seem almost accessible. At least, while I was prepping for the test (reviewing concepts by day and being visited by the Ghost of Math Class Past by night), her presence on the internet was a comfort.


Calvin College's January Series began Wednesday. It's a three week long lecture and cultural arts series, with presentations every weekday during the lunch hour. This year there are several speakers and a chamber music group I hope to hear.

(Those outside the area or otherwise unable to attend can listen online, and the lectures are posted for download within a day or two.)


On Thursday, I had a big interview. Fortunately, I had read this comic, so I was prepared:

by Grant Snider of Incidental Comics

Oh, I kid. Though one of my friends suggested that I spike my bangs forward into a unicorn horn. (Thanks, Amy! Everyone seemed really impressed!)


And speaking of my hair (yeah, it's 7 Quick Takes... not necessarily 7 Interesting Takes), I bought a straightening iron, and used it on my bangs for the first time Thursday morning. (In preference to going for the unicorn look.)

This really is a big deal for me. I long ago stopped fighting my curls. After years of trying to blow-dry my hair into submission, I declared a truce with it. (And by "declared a truce," I mean "it does what it wants and I let it.")

That is, until a few months ago when I had my awesome stylist give me a new style with sideswept bangs... and then every morning, there I was, trying to blow-dry my bangs into submission, with limited success, and remembering why I gave this up in the first place.

But now! I run the straightening iron through my bangs, and they're perfectly straight and smooth. It's a New Year's miracle! (My stylist would say the miracle is that I got the tool to begin with. And she's probably right.)


Also on Thursday, I posted my first book review!

The next one is due on Monday — I'm participating in an author's blog tour — so please come back for that!

Oh, what's the book? I'm not telling.

But I will say this: the word controversy is in the title.


A few weeks ago I discovered the art of Makoto Fujimura. Here's an article he posted on TheOOZE about the necessity of the arts, using Matthew 6:25-34 as his text. If you're an artist, writer, dancer, musician, or simply one who appreciates the arts, this is worth the read.

Happy Friday, friends!



  1. What program are you applying for that required the GRE?

    I've almost completed my BSN (only one project left to finish an incomplete...long story there) and foolishly began browsking the university catalog. HA! I am so not ready for more school right now!

    "After years of trying to blow-dry my hair into submission, I declared a truce with it. (And by "declared a truce," I mean "it does what it wants and I let it.")" Love it! My hair has recently begun waging a revolt; it was stick straight as a kid and now an unruly mass of waves. I can honestly sympathize with the above comment.

    Thanks for the fun read!

  2. Michelle -- Congrats on your nearly-completed BSN! You've earned a break. :) I'm applying for a PhD program. Although I've been in three other graduate programs, this is the first that's required the GRE.

    And "unruly mass of waves" is exactly how I'd describe my hair without benefit of the right cut and styling products. And like yours, mine was stick-straight when I was a kid. Weird, huh?


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