Monday, March 28, 2011

Music for a Monday: Holy Radiant Light

Continuing with selections from February's concert...

This was my first exposure to the work of Russian composer Alexandre Gretchaninoff. I hope it won't be the last — his work is beautiful.

Have a listen to the Atlanta Sacred Chorale performing the English translation of Gretchaninoff's Holy Radiant Light and see if you don't agree.

Holy Radiant Light
Alexandre Gretchaninoff (1824-1896)
arr. Noble Cain

Holy radiant Light! Thou Holy Radiance of the Father, Glorious and Mighty!
Thou Only Begotten Son of God, Eternal, Holy Jesu!
Come we now to the hour of setting sun;
The lights of evening 'round us shine.
O Holy Trinity, Holy One,
We sing Thy praise evermore; We sing Thy praise, Holy Trinity!
With undefiled lips evermore Thy Glory [is] to be praised
Worthy art Thou, worthy to be praised evermore!
Holy Son of God, Source of every life;
Son of God, Thou radiant Light
All the world doth praise Thee evermore; praise Thee, Thou Son of God!
Holy radiant Light: Praise we now, and evermore.


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