Friday, May 06, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Volume 40

The idea of 7 Quick Takes Friday comes from blogger Jennifer Fulwiler, who hosts it weekly at her site, Conversion Diary.


This weekend, my favorite offspring is graduating from college. Of all the commencement ceremonies I've ever attended or participated in, I have a feeling this one will be the most meaningful.

And I expect to be hoarse by the end of the ceremony. I'm just that self-restrained.


Speaking of self-restraint, I don't often blog about my son. Truth is, he's awesome, and I'm his biggest fan (though there might be a couple of people who would cagefight me for that title). Also, he's extremely quoteable. But I try not to be one of those moms.

I try. I'm not always successful, because he says stuff that begs to be captured.

Like during Easter dinner, when he compared our plates to the hotel in Inception.

It might help to know we have three sets of dinnerware; we were using the plates that are nicer than our everyday stoneware, but aren't so fancy that they can't go in the dishwasher. (Give it a minute...)


Just because of my little adventure in not-fact-checking.

(Not that quote verification was the real point of that post, you understand. But I probably earned a midnight visit from the Ghost of Journalism Classes Past, who would likely resemble my Basic Reporting professor.)


Tim Keller recently gave a great interview on ABC News This Week, discussing religion and politics. (He even mentions sex, completing the trifecta of topics you're never supposed to talk about in polite dinner table conversations.)

In seven minutes, he captures some excellent and challenging thoughts:


This week, Rachel Held Evans is hosting a Rally to Restore Unity on her blog as a fundraiser for Charity: water. Tuesday's guest blogger Chad Gibbs describes the virtual rally as being “just like a real rally, with signs and guest speakers, but without the porta potties.” Check out Chad's post here: Calvinism, Celtic, and Us vs. Them.

And check out some of the other contributing bloggers while you're there. Some of my favorites are there, as well as some new discoveries. Plus, Mason Slater (The March to Keep Disunity Alive) and Jonathan Sigmon (Rally to Maintain Division) play Stephen Colbert to Rachel's Jon Stewart.


Also over at Rachel's, she's got a terrific post on unlikely friendships: "As part of the Rally to Restore Unity, I asked some of my favorite writers and thinkers to respond to this prompt: “In three to five sentences, tell us about a meaningful relationship you’ve maintained with a fellow Christian who doesn’t necessarily share your theological or political views."

Among the contributors to this roundtable discussion was a man whose work I've really appreciated, Scot McKnight. Coincidentally, Dr. McKnight is an alumnus of the university from which my son will graduate this weekend. He also happens to be this year's commencement speaker.


And since it's been a little chilly this week, we'll wrap up with this video of a four-person knit blanket:

Happy Friday, friends!


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