Friday, May 13, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Volume 41

The idea of 7 Quick Takes Friday comes from blogger Jennifer Fulwiler, who hosts it weekly at her site, Conversion Diary.


Blogger was down for a while yesterday and today, and I had pretty much given up on this week's 7 Quick Takes.

Until I saw my friend R. had done a 7 Quick Takes post late this afternoon, despite Blogger's long nap. And she mentioned me in her post, and directed people over here.

And now I'm doing the blog equivalent of tidying up the living room when unexpected company comes over. Welcome, visitor! Don't mind the piles of textbooks and term papers all over the place...


Speaking of textbooks and term papers... last week, my son completed his bachelor's degree.

This week, I started the first class for my PhD.

It's all a little surreal.

Not unlike Princess Beatrice's wedding hat.

The hat mocked 'round the world. Photo: Star and Style


Yes, that was my attempt at being current. And also distracting you from realizing the full impact of the previous statement.

But you, dear reader, are no dummy. It won't take very many posts about late nights and high-test coffee and parallel parking for night classes in sketchy downtown neighborhoods before you realize I'm just babbling. (Kinda like right now.)

But probably better to babble about that stuff than about my actual classes, huh?


So, last Sunday was Mothers' Day. (Note the apostrophe placement, indicating plural possessive, since the day is in celebration of more than one mother. You're welcome.)

That morning in church, I admired one woman's lovely accessory. It was a necklace made of a length of white curling ribbon, strung with a single bead. And by bead, I mean empty toilet paper roll decorated with multicolored marker. And she wore it proudly atop her outfit.

For a brief moment, I was a little jealous that I didn't have a necklace made of curling ribbon and an empty toilet paper roll. I guess it's one of the things you lose when your offspring is old enough to graduate from college.


One of my favorite bloggers, Melanie (a.k.a., Big Mama), wrote about her daughter's Mothers' Day gift of a day at the spa. And she also got her pick of great accessories, including bottle-cap necklaces!


I loved this article:

Breaking this cycle between the poles of anti-intellectualism and intellectual elitism requires a generation who will refuse the temptation to overreact on either side (like on comment streams, for starters!). We need a generation who will persistently commit to keep the two greatest commandments bound together. Love the oppressed and marginalized neighbor… but on the foundation of robust, theological thinking. Love God with all the mind… but turn the pages of books with hands calloused from serving our neighbors.
Andrew Byers, Is Christianity Anti-Intellectual?


I'm not much for reading bestsellers, whether fiction or non, but when two trusted friends recommended this book, I had to pay attention.

And then the movie trailer came out:

Oh my. Of course, I love stories about strong Southern women. (The ever-quotable Steel Magnolias is only the tip of the iceberg.) But this... Southern fiction, written by a woman, set in civil rights-era Mississippi... and the central character is an idealistic writer hellbent on drawing attention to injustice? Wow. This hits on all cylinders.

(Plus, her hair is what my hair wants to be when it grows up. Not that it really matters to the story, but that's a nice little bonus for me.)

After my summer classes are over, I'll be reading The Help.

And I guess you know where I'll be when the movie comes out in August.

Happy Friday, friends!


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