Friday, August 05, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Volume 47

The idea of 7 Quick Takes Friday comes from blogger Jennifer Fulwiler, who hosts it weekly at her site, Conversion Diary.


New discovery — a website that combines the visual arts with the culinary arts, and lets you look up recipes by category or ingredient. The illustrations alone are a feast — They Draw and Cook:

Wheatberry Pilaf, by Nate Padavick


Bryan Lopez believes technology is the new smoking. What do you think?


My friend Suzanne Burden asks, do women have full access to God?


Speaking of access to God... and, er... smoking... have you seen the video of the pastor praying before the Nascar race?

I know, I throw movie references and quotes around all the time. But if your prayers start to resemble Ricky Bobby's pre-meal grace, maybe you've seen Talladega Nights one time too many.


After this, can we be done with referring to our spouses as "smokin' hot?" Please?


A friend once told me about an article she'd read in More magazine that advised women-of-a-certain-age that they'd look younger (and probably hotter) if they would stop wearing a watch and instead check the time on their cell phones. And, well... being me, I immediately got a visual in my head.

It's like Dan Piraro is reading my mind:

Bizarro by Dan Piraro, 7/31/2011

I honestly don't see how that's going to make me look younger.


Speaking of cell phones... remember Dot — the world's smallest stop-motion animation movie, shot on a Nokia N8 cell phone? (If not, check out take #5 here.)

Here's Gulp, the world's largest stop-motion animation movie, also shot on a Nokia N8, from Aardman Animations (the maker of Wallace & Gromit):

Happy Friday, friends!



  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    1- I love they draw & cook. 2 - No it's not smoking. It's the new car. People are excited, everyone's taking road trips on highways and showing off their latest model. 3 - "I will pour out my Spirit on all people and your sons and daughters will prophesy" 4 - Left me speechless. 5 - Is smokin' hot a thing? As long as it's their spouse, that's good, right? 6- Funny! :)

    Hope your week went well!! :)

  2. 2. Good metaphor! He's got a good point, though -- it's just as addictive as nicotine.

    5. Yep -- I've heard/read it a few times. It's gross, if you ask me. I guarantee as soon as a speaker refers to his wife as "smokin' hot," the audience stops listening and starts looking at/evaluating her relative smokin' hotness. And I doubt anyone would introduce his daughter that way...

    6. You need a Mobile Bangle®, Elizabeth! But yours would be made of scrap fabric, right?

  3. Anonymous11:29 AM

    6 - Haha, yes! :)


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