Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Volume 48

The idea of 7 Quick Takes Friday comes from blogger Jennifer Fulwiler, who hosts it weekly at her site, Conversion Diary.


Tuesday I went out to snip some herbs for dinner and discovered the mosquitoes are back, and they've brought reinforcements.

I'm not sure whether send notes of apology to the neighbors, or to bill them for the impromptu dance concert.


For the record, I feel a little ashamed of complaining about mosquitoes in light of Jennifer Fulwiler's take #1 this week.


But speaking of the mosquito dance, I just happened across a writeup of this product on the blog of a local retailer. Have you tried it? I'm curious how well it works.


Last night, I had dinner with an old friend a friend I've known since the early 90s.

On the way home, I drove past a fenced-off parking lot, from which emanated the distinct sounds of 70s/80s metal. And then I remembered this event is going on, and this artist was onstage last night.

It sounded great from inside my car (and I could hear it for several blocks before and several blocks after, with all the windows rolled up), and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. But I couldn't help thinking I'd had a better time spending a few hours catching up with my friend than I would have had at a rock concert.

But after all the catching up, my vocal cords are just as raspy this morning as they would have been if I'd gone to the concert last night.


Speaking of rock music, here's something for the guitarists in the audience:

If you stand like a certain artist, do you play more like that artist?
Because if so, I'm going to stand like Bonnie Raitt... just give me a minute to find her...


This next take is a timely reminder for me, especially in light of Wednesday's post and others I'm working on:

Looking back we are frustrated, embarrassed, even angry that we once held certain beliefs or acted certain ways. So, when we see those same traits in others, we are the first to pounce.

We want to fix them, or rather we want to fix us, all at once. We want to pretend we’ve never been there. Our façade of perfection has no room for having once held that view.

And so, like the parent who resents seeing their own failings manifest in their children, we push our baggage on another and all too often make the situation worse.

Never mind that it doesn’t work like that, for anyone.
— Mason Slater, writing for A Deeper Story


To wrap up this week's assortment, here's a little jazz to help you enjoy the last bit of summertime:

Happy Friday, friends!


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