Friday, September 02, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Volume 50

The idea of 7 Quick Takes Friday comes from blogger Jennifer Fulwiler, who hosts it weekly at her site, Conversion Diary.

This week, 7 Quick Takes is set on "extra-random." I'm working on a couple of posts that are kicking my tail, and...


What?! School starts next week??!!!

Melonhead. HT: Bryan Lopez


Yes, it's true. I had a little break from the books, during which I did a lot of reading. (In my world, that makes total sense.)

But now, break's over and it's back-to-school time. I'm not completely sure, but I think this year I'm in twenty-first grade...

"As I prepare to enter the twenty-first grade, I still have wildly idealized notions of what each coming school year will bring."
Back to School, by Grant Snider of Incidental Comics

---3--- I guess I probably should have used my break to work up a really great logo.

Instead, I hosted a wedding shower for my son and his fiancée. (Totally worth it.)

At one point, there were 20 people in my kitchen. I do not have a 20-person kitchen. Still, it somehow worked... we made paninis and everyone had a good time.

I made the decadent little morsels shown below, and my son's fiancée's mom* garnished each with a heart-shaped slice of strawberry. (Awwww...)

Truffle Brownie Cups. (photo: Culinary Collie Sue)

They disappeared fast. I should have made a double batch.

* If anyone knows of a better way to describe the relationship between two parents that bookend a marrying/married couple, please let me know. Maybe something in another language. English doesn't seem to have a word for it.


Sometimes, I wish I lived in Paris. (That wish is intensified when I watch movies like Julie & Julia.) But after reading about the Paris Post-It war, I really wish I lived there:

Hmmm... wonder what's happening on those monitors. (from

The only videogame I've ever been any good at. (from


In garden news, the eggplants are doing well this year... though they're not quite galloping in herds:

Eggplant Zebra. HT: Bryan Lopez


To honor Steve Jobs' recent retirement, we have this little film of Jobs introducing the Macintosh in 1984:


My friend Elizabeth recently wrote, "...the more you do that’s bloggable, the less time you have to blog."

She makes a good point. I'm not sure what that means for this blog, but if you check back here in a few days (or weeks) and find nothing but chirping crickets, it might be a sign I'm busy doing other stuff... like my homework.

Or it might mean I have nothing to write about. Though, by the looks of some of my posts, that hasn't stopped me yet.

Happy Friday, friends!


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