Friday, September 16, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Volume 51

The idea of 7 Quick Takes Friday comes from blogger Jennifer Fulwiler, who hosts it weekly at her site, Conversion Diary.

This week, 7 Quick Takes is about education, with a little crazy thrown in. (Seems fitting, considering my week was filled with long drives to classes at a sprawling and baffling campus.) Enjoy the ride!


I sometimes get a little over-fascinated with my blog's statistics. (Really, Pam? I'd never have guessed!) Last weekend, I had a visitor from Cebu, in the Philippines. (And it's not the first time someone from there has visited this blog.)

I know nothing about Cebu, so I had to look it up. Beautiful place!

But all I could think of was this multimedia event:

My deepest apologies to the residents of Cebu for my ignorance, and to everyone else for putting that song in your head.

At least I didn't repeat the line where Larry confuses Philistines with Philippines...


From the Department of Good News/Bad News:

Alton Brown's Good Eats just reached the end of production (that's the bad news) and was featured on NPR (the good news).

Alton Brown. (photo: Gregory Smith, AP)

"I wrote down Julia Child, Monty Python, Mr. Wizard and thought if I could put those three things together, that would be fun."

And it was. The show made me laugh, made me learn, and made me a better cook — success on all three of Alton's goals.

I'll try to keep my mourning quiet. Maybe I'll try one of his wilder stunts, like turning a charcoal grill into a jet engine. Or maybe I'll start talking to a videocamera inside my oven.


Speaking of cooking and crazy... I've featured Jim's Pancakes on the blog (take #7 here, and here).

Great news! Jim Belosic, the mind behind the crazy pancake creations, has written a book:


A friend from seminary days (who's just returned to school for another graduate degree) recently posted this in his facebook status: "Pretty soon it'll look like an eye chart behind my name."

Yeah. I'm there. Right now I'm working on the degree that's the equivalent of the copyright line at the bottom of the chart.


Speaking of school...

We had Back to School night last night and I ended up leaving totally stressed out. Stressed out about third grade. And rumors that it will require making a model of the Solar System. I am from a generation that was led to believe that Pluto was a planet. In fact I’m still not sure that it’s not. Who decides what constitutes a planet and why do they get to just revoke that status all willy-nilly? Because they have “Doctor” in front of their name? I once watched a doctor dump an entire side salad from Olive Garden into his lasagna and eat it all mixed together in a large bowl. Doctors don’t know everything. - Melanie, aka Big Mama

It's so true. And it's nice to see people sticking up for Pluto's planetary status. I mean, I'm from the state where Pluto was discovered... and my alma mater is in the town where Pluto was discovered... I'm honor-bound to stick up for Pluto. (Lowell Observatory itself has been surprisingly quiet about Pluto's demotion.)

Even so, Melanie's interests in the issue may be mostly pragmatic: "And how am I supposed to help Caroline memorize the order of the planets if I don’t use “My Very Excellent Mother Just Ordered* Us Nine Pizzas”? It doesn’t make any sense if you leave off the pizzas."

* Yeah, "ordered" is actually supposed to be "served" — Melanie
corrected it the next day, in her inimitable style:
Y’all. I totally messed up on the “My Very Excellent Mother Served Us Nine Pizzas” thing yesterday because I wrote ORDERED instead of SERVED. Maybe some of you thought I did it on purpose to be funny.

I didn’t.

This doesn’t bode well for Caroline’s eventual assignment on the Solar System and also serves as a very good example of why I never need to homeschool. The world doesn’t need another child running around declaring, “THE EARTH IS TOTALLY FLAT, Y’ALL”.

So I found these on Lowell's website. Please note the children's solar system socks include Pluto.

If that's not convincing, I'm not sure what is.

Lowell Observatory souvenir socks. Click to enlarge and see Pluto at nearly full-size.


And finally, how about some moo-ving music to get your weekend started?

Happy Friday, friends! I'll be here studying if anyone needs me...


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  1. my father-in-law is a double doctor (d.min and ph.d) as well as having two masters degrees and his bachelor degree. i don't even know how to write out his full title.

    i also love that you put veggie tales in. :)


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