Thursday, November 17, 2011


Although I'm a counselor, I don't use a couch like the one in the comic below (and I don't know anyone who does).

Even so, I still collect comics showing this style of therapy. I get a kick out of them, despite the unrealistically stereotypical counseling office.

This one's especially fun:

Comic by Dan Piraro.

But the more I look at it, the more conflicted I feel.

Do I:
a) love it because of the personal style statements the therapist is making?
b) cringe because of the misspelling in the speech balloon?
c) suddenly feel the need to equip my office with that chair?
d) all of the above?

If you guessed d), you win a prize — a free therapy session in the egg-shaped chair!

Now I'm off to the Men in Black online catalog to find one...



  1. I think you can get those chairs at Ikea in the children's section.


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